School Staff.

Miss Stephanie Stanger           Head Teacher.

For details of Miss Stanger’s timetable click – Here

Ms Kate Towsey                          Principal Teacher

Miss Kirsten Scott                      Class Teacher

Miss Saffron Thain                      Class Teacher -Alternate Thursdays to cover PT time.

Mrs Krissy Simpson                   Support for Learning Teacher

Miss Vicky Duncan                      Early Years Lead Practitioner -Nursery and Preschool.

Miss Rebecca Tait                       Early Years Practitioner-Nursery and Preschool.

Mrs Debbie Smales                     Auxiliary/Clerical.

Mr Alan Riding                               Janitor/Cleaner

Mrs Trish Nicholson                     Kitchen Assistant.

Ms Holly Elson                                 Itinerant P.E. Teacher- Wednesday

Mrs Marie Montgomery              Itinerant Art Teacher- Thursday

 Mrs Denise Denvir                        Itinerant Music Teacher-Friday

Mr Douglas Montgomery           Visiting Strings Teacher-Friday.

Dr Linda Hamilton                        Visiting Cello Teacher-Monday